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Liquidation of Govt. Entities, Vehicles, Firearms, Estates & More!

Bid Fast and Last® is family owned and operated, we proudly provide a service that is incomparable to others. Bid Fast and Last® specializes in auctions of all personal property. The knowledgeable professionals at Bid Fast and Last® are experts when it comes to the auction of estates. This includes firearms, fine jewelry, coins, antiques, vehicles, heavy construction equipment for Public Administrators, Guardians and Fiduciaries from California to Texas.

At Bid Fast and Last®, we strive to bring the highest possible return on assets for all our customers. Our highly trained and experienced staff members are motivated and receive specific training in all phases of the auction industry. Bid Fast and Last® holds a Retail Car sales license, Auction License, inland marine insurance policy for assets in transfer and in storage and we are a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL) in California and Texas.

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Oct 23
  •   Oct 10 @ 12:00PM PDT (Start)
  •   Oct 23 @ 12:30PM PDT (End)
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Yorba Linda Estate Sale Auction full of Disneyland 1950 poster, fine collectibles, estate items, jewelry and more.
Oct 25
  •   Jul 10 @ 12:00PM PDT (Start)
  •   Oct 25 @ 3:00PM PDT (End)
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Who wouldn't want to spend New Years at the beach or maybe a week at a relaxng spa in the desert?  Not only will you be getting a great vacation, but you will be helping a great cause. St. Mary's Medical Foundation serves the entire High Desert. This year the foundation is looking to purchase new Panda Warmers for the Women and Children's Department.  All newborns are placed under radiant heat immediately after birth to stabilize their temperature. The Panda Warmers will provide safe care for all newborns.  
Nov 10
  •   Oct 10 @ 12:00PM PDT (Start)
  •   Nov 10 @ 12:00PM PST (End)
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Large Government Extravaganza
Nov 14
  •   Sep 5 @ 12:00AM PDT (Start)
  •   Nov 14 @ 12:00PM PST (End)
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Roundup Estate- Property and home
Nov 20
  •   Sep 5 @ 12:00AM PDT (Start)
  •   Nov 20 @ 12:30PM PST (End)
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Riverside Public Guardian

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